Malin Head Wreck Diving Expedition 2019
We are planning another Expedition to dive the Historic wrecks off Malin Head and Northern Ireland in 2019.

The diving is stunning with excellent visibility and fabulous wrecks. The dives are all around the 40 to 70 metre range with some excellent WW1 and WW2 wrecks. The expedition will cost £770 per diver, this includes, 6 days boat diving on MV Rosguill with a full deco station and support Diver and back up gas on the line.

MV Rosguill is day boat set up for Technical Diving. The boat is a fully equipped diving platform with ease of entry and a lift for Diver recovery. At night time we return to sheltered moorings in Mulroy Bay.

Accommodation is bed and breakfast in the well appointed Fishermans Village cottages. Cost of this is 38 Euros per night per person (this is not included in overall price).

Nitrox, Oxygen, Helium and Air are available but are not included in the overall price.

Travel from UK to Ireland is by Ferry from Liverpool or Cairnryan (Stranraer) to Belfast or Larne and road journey to Donegal is 2 hours from either port.

The actual dives planned will be arranged around the group of divers and will be dependent on their wishes, qualifications and experience. Please discuss this with Jack Ingle. Some of the sites available are listed below but there are many more. Some of the sites further off shore will have a small fuel surcharge.

HMS Audacious
A King George V class battleship built in 1913. 23400 tons and 182 metres long. Speed 21 knots. Armament 10 x 13.5 inch guns, 16 x 4 inch guns, 4 x 3 pounder guns, and 3 x 21 inch Torpedo tubes. She was the first principal casualty of WW1 having struck a mine. Attempts to tow her back were unsuccessful and she sunk at 2100 hours. All crew transferred to liner SS Olympic, no loss of life. Depth 55 to 63 metres and normally stunning viz.
Empire Heritage
British tanker built 1930. 15000 tons, 154 metres long with speed of 11 knots. Torpedoed September 1944 on route from New York to Liverpool by U482. She had a cargo of fuel oil and a deck cargo of Sherman tanks. Depth 60 to 65 metres with Military vehicles and Shermans on and off the wreck.
RMS Justica
British Ocean Liner (White Star line) 225 metres long. Torpedoed twice in 1918 by UB64. Did not sink, was taken under tow but torpedoed again the next day by UB124 and sank. UB124 was hunted and sunk by HMS Marne Loss of life 16 people. Lays on Port side and has opened outwards in 60 to 70 metres.
Other sites
This area is littered with many wrecks, including D6 Submarine, SS Laurentic, U89 Submarine and many many more.

Videos courtesy of Richard Knights


Week 1:
30th June to 7th July

Week 2:
7th to 14th July


To book any of these trips please send a mail direct to us.

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