Normandy Wreck Diving Expedition 2015

We are planning a new Expedition to dive the Historic Military and Merchant wrecks off North Coast of France in 2015

The diving is stunning with excellent wrecks very little dived by French divers and lots of interesting artefacts on the wrecks. The dives are all around the 30 to 50 metre range with some excellent WW2 wrecks. The expedition will cost £830 per diver, this includes, 6 days boat diving, full live aboard costs (on MV Salutay). We shall also have a deco station with support Diver and back up gas on the line.
MV Salutay is a superb Liveaboard boat with the expertise of the skipper Al Wright and the excellent cuisine of Freda Wright.
The boat is a full Technical Diving platform with ease of entry and a lift for Diver recovery.
At night time we go to sheltered moorings and divers can go ashore if they wish to.
We shall meet the boat at Weymouth to sail to Normandy and return to Weymouth at the end of the week.

Nitrox and Helium are available but is not included in the overall price.

The actual dives planned will be arranged around the group of divers and will be dependent on their wishes, qualifications and experience. Please discuss this with Jack Ingle. All divers must be a minimum of Dive Leader, Dive master or equivalent. Some of the sites available are listed below but there are many more

SS Leopoldsville
Belgian Liner lying on port side 38 to 58 metres. She is 11700 tons and was converted to a troop carrier. Sunk Christmas eve 1944 after being torpedoed by U486, 760 fatalities. This is a war grave and we will need permission to dive this wreck.
USS Meredith
USS Destroyer (1600 tons) laying on her starboard side 24 metres, well broken but with main gun still in place with shell cases in magazine. Was giving gunfire support to landing troops, struck mine the following day.
USS Susan B Anthony
US liberty ship complete with large blast hole. All guns still in place. Sunk after striking a mine in a swept channel. Sits in 30 metres
SS General Du Temple
Upright and intact sitting in 40 metres maximum
MV Turquoise
Belgian Coaster sitting upright (42 metres) and intact, bows broken. Sailing under German command.

Other Sites
This area is littered with many wrecks, including HMS Lawford, HMS Cato, HMS Magic, SS Amsterdam, SS St Brandon, SS Graveshash, SS Norfolk, USS Carbonnele, HMS Sesame, SS Empire Broadsword, SS Fort Norfolk and many more

Week 1:

8th to 14th August 2015 FULL
Week 2:
15th to 21st August 2015
Week 3:
5th to 11th September 2015 FULL

To book either of these trips please send a mail direct to us.  

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